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SUK: YER1730206


Made in the USA using an advanced, slowly expanding foam formulation that helps provide evenly distributed pressure for all day wearability. Includes aluminum, laser-engraved, keychain container to help ensure you always have your earplugs nearby whenever you need them. 

  • (12) pair Your Ears Rock earplugs and laser engraved aluminum keychain container with Your Ears Rock logo 
  • NRR 32dB **when worn properly (Noise Reduction Rating)
  • Brightly-colored, tapered design help provide noise reducing seal in the ear canal
  • One size fits most


Not only is noise present in our daily routines and recreational activities, but millions of Americans work in hazardous noise on a daily basis. Estimates from the National Institutes of Health suggest that approximately 15 percent of Americans (26 million people) between the ages of 20 and 69 have high frequency hearing loss due to exposure to noise at work or during leisure activities. Hearing loss due to noise is almost entirely preventable by proper selection and use of hearing protection.

Recommended applications include however are not limited to: Sporting events, concerts, lawn mowing and gardening equipment, studying and test taking, comforting sensory sensitivities, power tools, sleep, relaxation, musicians, concentration and productivity, travel, construction, hunting and target shooting, motorsports, event staff, industrial manufacturing, agriculture, aviation, fireworks, heavy equipment operations, machining, metal repair, painting, pouring/casting, power fastening, riveting, sanding, sawing and welding.

These earplugs are commonly used in the following industries: education, agriculture, automotive, construction, general manufacturing, healthcare, oil and gas, hospitality and pharmaceuticals.