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News Year’s noise? Holiday anxiety? There’s a Loop earplug for that.

At Loop, our full range of noise-reducing earplugs has you covered. Day and night. Inside and out in the world. We develop our products based on tons (and tons) of community feedback.

This means we help lots of Loop users deal with social anxiety during the holidays, no matter who you’re spending them with, or where you’re celebrating. Loop earplugs make it possible to handle loud fireworks and loads of family time. And they help users sleep better before New Year’s, too. 

Every set of Loops sports sleek design and eye-catching colors, to complement fashion-forward New Year’s Eve outfits and awesome holiday sweaters. Rock up and rock out in total confidence, with full holiday hearing protection. 

But first, we brainstormed the places where Loop Earplugs come in handiest this time of year:

Your noisiest uncle’s no match for Loop Engage

We’ve all got that one uncle – lovable and loud. At the table and on the couch. And for people with noise sensitivity during the holidays, mouth sounds and loud voices can be seriously overwhelming. For millions around the world, it’s a challenge to deal with anxiety during the holidays.

Enter Loop Engage earplugs. They’re specifically designed with conversation in mind. So you can chat and connect without the echoey head-underwater feeling most earplugs create. They also provide 16 dB (SNR) and 10 dB (NRR) of certified hearing protection.

Go from A to B more comfortably with Switch

You want to sneak in a gym session first thing in the morning. Then you’re celebrating with the family over lunch. Taking the bus home. Grabbing a catnap. Then heading out with friends for the best night ever.

You need an earplug that can do it all. Enter the convenience of  3 earplugs in 1, controlled by a single switch. With the power to shift between Engage, Experience and Quiet modes depending on your environment, Loop Switch takes noise control to a whole new level. From downtime to the dancefloor, it couldn’t be easier to switch up your sound levels.

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