Noise-Induced Hearing Loss Prevention

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Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) and Tinnitus are in most cases 100% preventable.

Exposure to hazardous sound levels can cause irreversible hearing loss. Listening to music using our personal entertainment devices (PED) such as smartphones and tablets, laptops, video games, attending live music and festivals, and sporting events are common recreational pastimes of our generation, that can be potential sources of exposure to noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) and tinnitus. 


This in no way means do not continue enjoying any of these things, it simply means to be aware and understand your relationship with sound so you know when and how to protect yourself no differently than you would protect your eyes from the sun by wearing sunglasses, skin while outside or on vacation using sunscreen, or taking a bike ride and protecting your head using a helmet. BE LOUD. BE SAFE.


Meet Fre Quency and Deci Bel

Your Ears Rock's official Acoustical Mannequin is dedicated to outreach and education through a custom system built for measuring the sound levels of Personal Entertainment Devices (PED) and loud environments which includes a medical grade earmold, ear level SLM microphone, Sound Level Measuring device, and always the most fashionable Made in the USA apparel and headwear available on

Fre Quency promotes the education and prevention of recreational, occupational, and music-induced hearing loss and tinnitus throughout many different walks of life and parts of the world. He has proven to be an effective and unique teaching tool that captivates the attention of people of all ages and makes a lasting impression towards our ultimate goal of transforming people’s relationship with sound.

Fre Quency is a tremendous tool for uniting students, parents, friends, teachers, employers, and all members of the communities he serves. Fre Quency promotes a better understanding of the potential risks of recreational and music-induced hearing loss, allowing the opportunity to distinguish proper, safe listening levels, while introducing the discussion necessary to ensure safe listening habits are implemented in our lives in order to preserve the gift of sound and music for a lifetime.


Four Easy Ways to Protect Your Hearing


  • Turn it down. (turning down the volume 3dB can double the safe listening time)
  • Protect Your Ears. Carry and use earplugs or earmuffs when going to a concert, sporting event, working with power tools, recreational vehicles, hunting, or other noisy activities and environments
  • Create distance from hazardous sound sources. (sound pressure is cut in half when you double the distance from the sound)
  • Limit Exposure Time. (knowing what sound level you are in is important to understand in determining how long you can safely be around that sound level without needing to use hearing loss prevention products)


Tinnitus is the perception of ear or head noises, usually described as ringing, hissing or roaring sounds, which occur in the absence of an external source of sound.

Exposure to sudden or prolonged sounds is the most commonly reported factor related to the onset of tinnitus. Tinnitus may be an early indicator of impending NIHL.

One way to prevent tinnitus is to properly protect your ears from potentially hazardous sound levels and exposure times. 


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