Custom Hearing Protection


Wellness & Safety

Wellness and safety is an integral component to any organization. Make sure you’ve got it covered with our wide selection of custom branded hearing healthcare promotional products and safety products. Promote your brand, wellness and safety with earplugs, earmuffs, educational handouts, earplug keychain containers, and more. 


Promotional Personal Care Products

Safety is removing risk, not eliminating accidents. Accidents happen. Prepare for accidents by leading a corporate safety program or raising safety awareness. Your Ears Rock offers a variety of hearing protection products for work, recreational, concentration, and relaxation. 

These products can be used for more than official corporate safety programs. Anyone who goes to live music or entertainment events will appreciate having a pair of Hi-Fi earplugs with a laser engraved key chain carrying case. 

These are the kind of products everyone wants to keep on them at all times. When they do need to use the product, they’ll see your logo on it and remember that you care. If you are purchasing for a particular industry, ask Your Ears Rock about products that meet that industry’s safety requirements 


Promotional Personal Care Products

 Your Ears Rock custom branded earplugs and earmuffs keep your brand looking its best! These are the everyday essentials that your audience will find useful and keep for longer. That means extended brand exposure for your organization.

Promotional personal care items such as branded foam earplugs are generally small enough for the recipient to carry with them in a pocket, travel bag or purse. Your brand will go wherever they go, so you reach more people at a low cost.

Your Ears Rock selection offers something for a variety of marketing needs. Discuss your marketing goals with your Your Ears Rock to find the personal care items that yield the best results for your brand.

Protect Your Hearing. Reduce the Noise.

Made to order unique corporate gift with any logo, image, name.


Protect Your Hearing and promote your brand any time your car, house, boat, or related keys are used by others and reminds them of the brand's dedication to health, wellness, and promotional products with a purpose, by Your Ears Rock.

Private Label 3M Infant, Youth, Adult Earmuffs.


Protection. Concentration. Relaxation. Sound Sensitivities. OSHA-compliance. These are only a few of the benefits of hearing protection protects that features branding for companies, school districts, municipalities,music, sports, entertainment industry, and more.

Protect Hearing. Promote Your Brand.


3M x YER foam earplugs come in many different colors and can be decorated to promote your brand while protecting the hearing health of others. Promotional product with a purpose, by Your Ears Rock.